write a 7-8 page paper (double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font) outlining one of the main theories of international relations we will discuss and apply it to a current conflict among countries. Provide a short summary of the conflict, discuss why you think a particular IR theory best explains why the conflict occurs, and explain how the conflict could be solved using the theory you chose as a framework. Use at least seven outside sources (three of which need to be academic journal articles and the others can be reliable newspaper or magazine sources such as NY Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, etc.). Papers must use APA or Chicago style for in-text citations and works cited.

I have already chosen a topic, and here is the outline:

Constructivism Theory in the Israel State vs. Palestine State Conflict

1. Introduction

2. Summary of the Israel-Palestine conflict

3. Reasons why constructivism theory is best to explain

4. Solution of the conflict using constructivism theory as the framework

5. Conclusion

6. ReferencesI am attaching 4 files to support.

I am attaching 4 files to support .


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