Week 5 Agency Interview Essay

Using one of the social issues you have identified in this course, or the human services organization you identified last week, you will conduct an agency interview in which you:

1. Analyze the politics of the agency:

  • a) Create a hierarchy chart of the organization,
  • b) Sketch the career ladder for entry-level human services professional hired by the organizations.
  • c) Explain the types of organizational influence (donors, clients, collaborative networks, etc.)
  • d) Describe agency funding

2. Analyze the effectiveness of one of the agency’s program.

3. Discuss the evaluation procedures for ensuring program effectiveness.

4. Formulate a program evaluation plan for the agency.

5. Be sure to include your evaluation procedures and include at least 2 references.

This essay is to have a minimum of 4 pages but no more than 6 pages and must follow all APA style formatting requirements. For further guidelines on your paper, refer to the Essay Rubric



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