Working with your group, write a 200 word policy position on New Jersey marijuana law
Your team will be one of three groups advocating for the following policies:
Legalization proponents argue that prohibition is the cause of the drug problem and that regulating drug trade will help decrease crime.  They also see legalization as a means for reducing drug enforcement costs and increasing tax revenue and job opportunities.
Decriminalization proponents argue that while drug use should not be legal in all cases, it should be treated as a public health problem not a criminal activity.  This view changes the way that law enforcement would deal with the problem.
New policy under current system: some of the tenants of the current system are listed above.  These policies favor the criminalization of certain substances with penalties including fines and jail time. 

Same system new laws, example:
Trump administrations two positions –

Legalization example:
Bernie Sanders campaigns position
at 6:20


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