Conflict Resolution Program
Conflict Resolution Program

In this assignment, you will integrate the concepts of conflict resolution, group influence, and attribution to develop a program of conflict resolution to a current conflict situation.

Identify a conflict between two groups, and obtain approval from your instructor.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you create a program to improve the relationship between two groups. Managers and subordinates

Nature of the Conflict

· Describe the context of the conflict. What kind of community or organization is this? Who are the stakeholders in the outcome of the conflict?

· Identify the overt and covert issues presenting both sides.

· Describe the effect the conflict has on the organization within which it exists and, if applicable, the surrounding community.

· Identify attribution errors and how they will be addressed in the program.

· Analyze the dynamics within each group and between groups. Who are the leaders? Does anyone stall or undermine the group? Is there a relationship between two subgroups?

Program Design

· Apply the elements of conflict resolution.

· Describe the central strategy you will use to resolve or diminish the conflict.

· Provide at least one reference supporting the use of such a strategy.

· Include a program component that employs social media.

· Explain how you will address attribution errors between the groups.

· Identify the elements of persuasion you will use in your program.

Create The presentation should be accompanied by 10 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides with speaker notes that include the following:

· The goals of the program

· The logistics of the program (schedule, location, and so on)

· The content of the program (any worksheets, activities, or events)

Cite at least 4 references in your presentation, including the reference that demonstrates research support of your program strategy.

Format any citations in your presentation according to APA guidelines


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