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Essay #1: According to
Kettner, there are three major models of the budgetary process. Name and
explain how these three models “work” by comparing and contrasting
their major qualities. What are the rationale and focus for each?
Suppose you were in a new agency position where you had to choose one of
the three models for your Agency’s budgetary system.Which one would be
the “safest” to choose and why? (From class discussion, text).

Essay #2: Both “APEX-PH”
and “MAPP” yield an analysis of community health status and health
needs. In brief, what does each approach include?How does each support either
the medical model of needs assessment and planning, or the population
health model? As discussed in class, what factor seems to determine
which approach is chosen by each county? Pick one APEX-PH model and one
MAPP model IPLAN (of the ten we profiled this semester) to illustrate
this “determining” factor (you may choose DeKalb County’s IPLAN as one

your two plans). Which approach to
needs assessment is more comprehensive? Give three reasons why the more
comprehensive method of analysis (MAPP) is more inclusive one, using
your two chosen plans.

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Final Exam

Essay #3:Strategic Planning has been a focus for class activity and learning this semester. Using the

outline of the Strategic Planning process provided in M. Shumaker’s class E-Lecture presentation

Attached a document for this

(Week 10), your Allison text, and class discussion, provide one example for each of the following elements:

(1) financial versus non-financial benefits of using Strategic Planning; (2) vision and mission statements;

external threats and opportunities.Why are each of these elements
important to strategic planning success?If any one of the three elements
was missing from the process, what would likely happen to the process
itself? (Discuss the importance of each element by itself).

Essay #4:Allison and Kaye, in their Strategic Planning
text, outline four key concepts which define the practice of successful
strategic planning attempts. The authors also discuss four additional
“keys to effective strategic planning”, practical advice for the
community planner, in their pursuit of sound planning strategies. How do
these two lists of strategies and processes work together to help
produce desired community results? Give at least four examples, one for
each of the “key concepts” listed in the text.


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