AP Economics Essay #1 The Amazon Economy. Fall, 2017-2018 School Year Due: 13 October 2017
Internet companies are all the rage on Wall Street, and companies like Uber are disrupting the economy to the benefit of a few stockholders, and presumably the consumer public which uses these services are happier and better served than by the more traditional stores and businesses. But are these changes really a benefit to the economy as a whole, or does it signal a change that benefits owners at the expense of workers? Is this just a taste of what the future is going to bring, with fewer, more technical jobs but large numbers of people unemployed? Can our economy survive this change, or will the economy begin to fundamentally change with it?
The Amazon Economy
I. Is the Amazon Economy generally beneficial, or simply more wealth for owners?
a. Introduction (Anecdote, Quote, Statistics, something that grabs the reader.)
b. Thesis
c. Main Arguments
II. Main Body
a. Background definitions and history (set up the arguments)
b. The Continuing effects of the Industrial Revolution
i. The Effect of the Industrial Revolution historically
ii. The effects of the computer, robotic, and information age
c. Market Disruption
i. Uber drivers versus taxi drivers
ii. Changing billion dollar industries through technology
d. Amazon and online retailers/wholesalers versus traditional Brick and Mortar retailers
(Mom and Pop stores).
e. Can Costco or Wal-Mart survive?
i. Larger wholesale/retail businesses f. What will this mean for workers
i. What jobs will be available, and what jobs are going away
ii. Will the minimum wage be enough?
iii. Will there be a Universal Basic Income?
III. Conclusion
a. Restate thesis
b. Tie in Arguments
c. Project into the future.
1. Make sure to include citations every time you use a statement or an idea from the readings that I have provided, or that you found in your own independent research. Use APA citation notation (found on website). Using others work without providing proper citation is plagiarism and grounds for immediate failure on this essay.
2. Papers should be 3000-3600 words and 10-12 pages in length in Times New Roman or Ariel 12 point font, double spaced, pages numbered, cover page optional, references on last page (as per APA notation), 1 inch borders on top/bottom and left/right, stapled (no covers or binders). Be sure to include name and period.
3. Underline your Thesis.
4. Please type all work on a computer.
5. Please provide 2 copies of the essay, one that I will keep, and one that will be returned to you. I will not return any papers that are turned in with only one copy.



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