1. The Originaliaty Rate should not be higher than 17-20%. It may be higher due to similar References that other class members’ use.

2. Paraphrase your research. Do not copy word for word the content for your paper.

3. Review the Academic Honesy Policy. This provides several suggestions on writing papers.

4. Papers should have a Title Page and References.

5. Use of Headings help to clarify and organize papers. It also reduces the potential of omitting a section from your paper.

6. Do not overuse quotes. If you do use quotes, ensure the quote is in parentheses with the Author, Year, and Page Number of quote.

7. Continue to Review Rubrics as it presents excellent detail of the various sections that should be formulated in your paper.

For Milestone Three, you will develop an employee and labor relations program. Your program should include a complaint procedure, a discipline process, and a conflict resolution procedure. Consider staff, management, and the organization during the development of your program. The resources that support this milestone include the WeaveTech Case Study, Discipline Without Punishment – At Last. This case study is available as part of your custom e-text and is listed at the end of the text, under the heading “Harvard Business Case Studies”. Your submission should contain all of the elements for Section III of your final product, including all of those listed below. Your instructor will grade your submission using the rubric below and will provide feedback to be applied to the final project. Begin by analyzing WeaveTech using the following guiding questions for your analysis. Then, once your analysis has been completed, draft an employee and labor relations plan that includes a complaint procedure, a discipline process, and a conflict resolution as outlined by the critical elements listed in A through C below the guiding questions. 1. What type of employee relations issues might WeaveTech anticipate during a workforce reduction? 2. How might downsizing affect employee engagement and retention? 3. What method would you use to implement an immediate downsizing? 4. How does downsizing conflict with the psychological contract that previously existed at WeaveTech? 5. Describe a complaint management procedure that ensures that employee issues are heard by management. 6. Describe a supervisory training program on conflict resolution that would be applicable to WeaveTech. 7. What approach to employee discipline should be used at WeaveTech? Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: III. Employee and Labor Relations: In this part of the assessment, you will develop an employee and labor relations program. A. Create a complaint procedure that allows staff issues to be heard and also protects and supports the rights of management. B. Create a discipline process that responds to situations appropriately under the circumstances and the type of infraction. C. Create a conflict resolution procedure that provides conflict resolution training for supervisory personnel. Your overall submission should be professionally articulate. “Articulation of Response” is not a section of your paper but rather how professional and clear you are in articulating your ideas. Guidelines for Submission: Your employee and labor relations program should be approximately a 3- to 4-paged (not including your cover page and references) Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least three sources cited in APA format.

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