Assignment Overview:

For this creative team assignment, you get to choose a product or service you’re interested in. You will work with one other person on this assignment. You’ll create a Marketing Plan for the product/service, using the strategic marketing planning approach we learned in Week 7 (see the triangle diagram from our Week 7 class slides).

For this project, the following marketing plan elements are required:

  • Situation analysis & highlights: including CD STEP, competitor analysis, SWOT* o Must be cited/referenced as learned in class

o  Note: you do not need to do primary research

  • Target audience description: using approaches learned in class
  • Marketing objective
  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing tactical plan, including budget summary (you’ll learn how to do this in Week 10)

*Note: you must pull information from multiple secondary sources (not just one or two) . You cannot use an existing marketing plan or SWOT for the product or service found online. You are expected to create your own plan, using information gathered from multiple sources and your own creativity.


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