Capstone topic for disaster management

Question descriptionReview the Capstone Guidelines documents. Identify what type of project your work will fall into:

The topic I would like you to use is ” Educational preparedness for Dust Storm disaster to middle and high school aged in Saudi Arabia _____________________________________________________________________

Briefly describe the topic and why you are considering this for your capstone project: Include an introduction, statement of need and purpose and description of the project. (You can attach as a separate document if desired.)

What will be the product you produce as part of your final work? Describe or bullet list but be specific.

(educational program, handbook, EOP, new technology, etc.) This deliverable must be clearly stated. Specifics are needed on what the project will do and how you will do it. Detail your methods.

Does your project require Institutional Review Board approval? for this no

Once approved by the faculty you need to craft the 15 page (minimum) first draft for full review before registering for the capstone term.

Proposal complete and acceptable: Date: _____________ DMM review: ________________

IRB forms accepted by program Date: _____________ DMM processed: _____________

IRB committee approval received: Date: ______________

Approval to begin capstone term Date: ______________ DMM approval: _______________

Students are required to complete the planning and project development process before registering for Capstone term.


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