creation of an external capital funding proposal

January 16, 2021

The file needs to correct it which I had uploaded. Here is some advice, you can use it.

First I will address issues on your MS Project file as you need to correct those prior to working on the next team project assignment. I get the feeling that your team did not understand my summation in class on Thursday and that you did not watch the chapter #4 recording because this submission does not reflect an understanding of milestones and the milestone schedule. First, your milestones need to be worded as milestones (completion steps) – new location secured, new furniture purchased, etc., you should have a project summary task (task 0) in your MS Project file and all of your milestones should have deadlines and NOT manual constraints. Also, milestones are 0 duration tasks so you should not have a # of days duration indicated. Again, you need to fix these issues before the next team project assignment. I will be available before and after class on Thursday, if necessary, to help your team with this. Your scope overview should have contained more details about this relocation – are you relocation an entire university campus or just a particular office? How large is the campus you are moving? If it is large you will want to break your move down into moving smaller parts because you won’t be able to move an entire university campus at one time. Your business case and background are confusing as I am not sure. I do not understand your milestones at all and again they are not completion steps and your acceptance criteria should be how you will determine if the milestone is actually met. You need to indicate more specific risks because things like an “unexpected situation” does not identify a risk so you can’t identify a contingency plan for it. I don’t understand the reference to “patient coordination” in your contingency plan for this also because I thought you were moving something to do with a college campus. What is meant by stuffs in stakeholders? You will have a lot more stakeholders considering a move of this magnitude. What about movers, electricity company, cable company, etc.


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