Food service Management Systems and Human Resource Applications, research 10 hotels in you area

February 23, 2021

  • The submission is to be one Excel file.
  • The problem has multiple parts. Answers should be clearly marked by part number. All budget schedules must be on one worksheet. The assumptions on the same worksheet as the budget schedules.
  • All calculations are to be shown.
  • You should utilize Excel formulas, where applicable.
  • You must use dollar signs, single and double underlines correctly. Dollar signs are used at the top of a column of numbers and at the grand total level. Single underlines are used above all totals and below subtotals. Double underlines are used below grand totals.
  • Excel file should include at least two worksheets: your original model utilizing the original assumptions and a copy of your model utilizing assumptions based on your recommendations that supports the financial information included in your memo.
  • The case includes a text submission. You can prepare the memo in Word and then cut and paste your narrative into your excel worksheet or insert a text box into your worksheet and type your narrative into the text box.

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