Please select ONE of the options below.

Option 1
Imagine you are everything you are right now: same level of cognitive ability, same level of humor, same physical abilities, same personality, etc. but you are of a difference race. ((For example, if you currently identify as a Caucasian female, you might imagine that you are now an African American female)). Next, explain how your life is different as an individual of a different race. This is a personal post which will be seen by all students in the class. Please keep this in mind when completing.

Option 2
Finish reviewing the documentary American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs (on Netflix). Complete a post where you discuss how Grace Lee rebukes a stereotype of Asian American women (or men) as, generally, passive.

Option 3
The university is currently hosting several Tibeten Monks in the Snyder Sanctuary. They are working on a large sand mandala which serves as a symbol of peace and unity. Their work will take place from Monday, March 11 until 12pm on Thursday, March 14. Visit the Sanctuary to observe their progress. Next, discuss how this exhibit is an example of peace and unity (symbolically).


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