You are required to select a course-related topic for research and then prepare a paper. The paper should include an overview of the subject and major relevant points relative to individual, community, social and/or legal implications or impacts. Moreover, the paper should incorporate the role of the Saint Leo University core value of Respect or the lack thereof as it relates to victimization.

Furthermore, this paper shall contain a minimum length of 2500 words and must be written in APA style and formatted in a manner consistent with the most recent APA guidelines. The paper must include a running head, page numbers, cover page, abstract, introduction, body, summary of findings, conclusion, and reference page. References must be cited (in-text) using the APA format. A minimum of five (5) references are required, with no more than two (2) from Internet sources. Do not use Wikipedia references in your paper. Additional grading criteria will include clarity of presentation, quality of content, mastery of content, care and attention to detail, organization, originality of presentation, and the value and interest of the presentation, as well as proper grammar and punctuation. You must email the professor of your proposed topic no later than the end of Module 3, Sunday, 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

The assignment must be your original work. You are required to use no more than 15% of others quoted work when completing any assignments within this course of study. Your research paper must therefore be 85% original. No previously submitted papers, articles, reports or project(s), in whole or in part, to any university or college will be accepted. See the grading rubric that follows the list of possible topics.

Possible Topics:

Sexual Homicides
Serial Rape
Serial Homicide
Intimate Partner Violence

Youth Violent Maltreatment

Elder Violent Maltreatment

Domestic Violence


Youth Violence
Street Gang Violence
Drug Trafficking Organization Violence
School Violence
Violent Stalking
Mass Murder
Homicides Related to Harvesting for Body Parts

Workplace Violence
Criminal Profiling in Violent Crime Cases

Psychopathic Behavior and Violent Crimes


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