STEP 1:Visit the Mayo Clinic website on Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) for a brief overview of the symptoms associated with repeated head trauma. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) –

Now watch a TED Talk by David Camarillo (2016) that goes into some more detail on what happens to the brain during a concussion.

Why Helmets Don’t Prevent Concussions — and What Might –

STEP 2: Now imagine that you are writing a formal letter to your elected representative urging them to support legislation with new safety standards for helmets and protective headgear. You can find your elected representative in the House here:…. Or you can compose a letter to your elected Senator. If you’d like to compose a letter to your representative in the Maryland state government, you can find your representative here:…Find your elected representative’s contact information and utilize it in your essay.

Please note: I am not asking you to actually mail the letter.You are demonstrating the communication skill of crafting a professional letter, and the contact information you insert for practice in doing so. Part of the writing quality assessment for this assignment will be on its formatting: Please format your paper as a formal letter exactly like one of the samples provided, but give a fake name and address for yourself.

STEP 3: The ability to format a formal letter is an important professional skill, and whether you demonstrate that skill may determine whether or not a job application is even read by employers scanning cover letters.Whether or not you have previous experience with this, take some time to review the specifics by visiting Purdue Online Writing Lab’s resource:Writing the Basic Business Letter –

STEP 4: Formatting your letter exactly like one of the samples provided for you on Purdue’s website, write a letter to the appropriate politician addressing all of the points below.Your letter should be personable but professional.

In your letter, please address the following points:

  • Your legislator may not know much about CTE and its major symptoms, so provide a brief summary in your own words of what exactly CTE is, and what kinds of psychological issues it is associated with. Optionally, you may also discuss the limitations of research on CTE.
  • Address the misconceptions about what happens to the brain during the impact and movement associated with concussions and clarify how it is actually affected. Briefly discuss 2 likely misconceptions from the CDC video about concussions that Camarillo mentions in his talk. Be specific about the brain structure most affected during a concussive incident and what this brain structure is generally responsible for (refer back to unit 05-E in OpenPSYC).
  • Briefly summarize why current helmet safety standards are not sufficient to prevent concussions and offer your own argument for why they should support new laws calling for new standards. You should specifically mention what purpose helmets were originally designed for.


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