1. Look up the Illinois State Board of Nursing and one other State Board and answer the following questions:
  1. What types of ethics violations need to be reported?
  2. What types of disciplinary actions are there for various offenses?
  3. What does a nurse need to do to have his or her license reinstated?
  4. Are violators names & punishments made public?
    1. If yes, do you agree with that and why or why not?
    2. What ethical issues may be involved?
  5. What is similar and what is different with the IL and other State Boards?
  6. Please document the URL links to the State Boards of Nursing you used.
    1. If you use other sources, please document them in proper APA style.
  7. Please include a title page with your name and assignment title on it.
  8. Please check your grammar & spelling.

look at Illinois state board with Georgia state board!


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