Hello Everyone. The attached file comes from the course COM-362. The textbook is Introduction to Logic (14th edition) Chapter 6. In the attached document it gives specific instructions for what needs to be done in each section. For Example, the instructions to the first ten questions are as follows: 6.1 INSTRUCTIONS

Rewrite each of the following syllogisms in standard form, and name its mood and figure. (Procedure: first, identify the conclusion; second, note its predicate term, which is the major term of the syllogism; third, identify the major premise, which is the premise containing the major term; fourth, verify that the other premise is the minor premise by checking to see that it contains the minor term, which is the subject term of the conclusion; fifth, rewrite the argument in standard form—major premise first, minor premise second, conclusion last; sixth, name the mood and figure of the syllogism.)

After that there are still other questions in the document with its own specific set of instructions. The instructions are printed in bold to make it easier to indentify.


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