1. Begin by constructing a hypothesis to explain what differences you might observe when comparing the karyotypes of human cells which experience normal cell cycle control versus cancerous cells (which experience abnormal, or a lack of, cell cycle control). Record your hypothesis in Post-Lab Question 1.

    Note: Be sure to include what you expect to observe, and why you think you will observe these features. Think about what you know about cancerous cell growth to help construct this information

  2. Go online to find some images of abnormal karyotypes, and normal karyotypes. The best results will come from search terms such as “abnormal karyotype”, “HeLa cells”, “normal karyotype”, “abnormal chromosomes”, etc. Be sure to use dependable resources which have been peer-reviewed
  3. Identify at least five abnormalities in the abnormal images. Then, list and draw each image in the Data section at the end of this experiment. Do these abnormalities agree with your original hypothesis?

    Hint: It may be helpful to count the number of chromosomes, count the number of pairs, compare the sizes of homologous chromosomes, look for any missing or additional genetic markers/flags, etc.

  4. Take a picture of your results. Include a note with your name and date on an index card in the picture. Insert picture here.

Actual Assignment:

Data Tables and Post-Lab Assessment






Post-Lab Questions

1. Record your hypothesis fromStep 1 in the Procedure section here.

2. What do your resultsindicate about cell cycle control?

3. Suppose a person developed amutation in a somatic cell which diminishes the performance of the body’snatural cell cycle control proteins. This mutation resulted in cancer, but waseffectively treated with a cocktail of cancer-fighting techniques. Is it possiblefor this person’s future children to inherit this cancer-causing mutation? Bespecific when you explain why or why not.

4. Why do cells which lack cellcycle control exhibit karyotypes which look physically different than cellswith normal cell cycle.

5. What are HeLa cells? Why areHeLa cells appropriate for this experiment?


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