Evaluate public health issues that impact specific communities.


You are the Public Health Media Official at the local health department. To educate the community and promote public health initiatives, you have scheduled daily time with the local radio station to play media briefs recorded by yourself. The goal of the continuous media briefs is to inform the community about public health-related issues to help ensure the wellbeing of its citizens.


Research a current public health-related issue occurring in your community and record a 1- to 3-minute audio media brief. The media brief will be played on the radio station to notify the community of the public health issue. Your media brief must contain the following elements:

  • A description of the public health issue
  • The geographic location of the public health issue
  • How long has the issue been occurring
  • How is the issue impacting the community
  • If the issue is an illness, is it contagious? If yes, how is it spread?
  • Can the issue be prevented? If yes, how?
  • Is medical treatment required?
  • Clear voice and concise message


For guidance on how to create a media brief, review the following:



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