I need answers for these topics. discussion answers. please seperate them as #1 and #2. divide the sources too.

Topic 1: Using an example of Corporate Advertising, share whether or not you feel the company’s strategy is clear and aligns with what the company says it is (may need to look at the company’s website to determine), if it can be easily categorized (see the three categories in your text), and whether the design and copy in the advertising work together to form an effective message.

Topic 2: List three or four companies or products within an industry (for example, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Lincoln, and Infiniti) and describe differences among the companies or products which are positioned similarly. In the example, these are all luxury autos, but the Lincoln and Cadillac have a totally different cachet from Mercedes Benz and Lexus. What goes into creating those impressions?


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