Sequential strategy

Using the three (3) Posner and Strike Sequencing Schemes (Chapter 6), create a sequencing scheme for beginners based on the objectives you developed for the e-Activity in Week 2. Be sure to include the related objective, type of sequence scheme, phenomenon, and example prescription or principle. Provide a rationale to support the type of sequencing scheme selected.

  • Remember,sequencing is basically the order of activities that teachers or trainers must carry out when delivering instruction, and a scheme is basically a plan of actions.
  • Thus, come up with a learning scheme or plan in sequential order that you as an instructor or trainer wants your trainees or students to do.  
  • The Posner and Strike Sequencing Schemes are presented in Chapter 6 of Morrison’s text, starting with page 124.  Use this resoure, so you can come up with a sequencing scheme.  Remember, this activity will be similar to how you will be asked to write a flowchart for the First Written Assignment.

“Instructional Strategies” Please respond to the following

  • Based on the sequencing strategy created for your project in Discussion 1, create two (2) generative strategies. Specify the generative category used and explain the rationale for your selection.
  • Imagine that a large local school district has just hired you to design instruction for its technology teachers. Determine a concept, rule, procedure, or attitude that managers will learn from your training. Create a brief (one [1] paragraph) strategy and indicate how learners will demonstrate what they have learned.

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