Module 5: Current Event Mini Speech

Mini Speeches are designed to give students the opportunity to practice their speaking skills without having an “audience”.  Please see the instructions below:

Step 1:  Choose a current news report (within the last week) to report on for your mini speech.  Look on news websites, local newspapers, etc. for ideas.

Step 2:  Create a short speech to outline the news report and provide why the audience needs to know about this event? Utilize description with your answers.  Don’t forget structure (intro, body, conclusion).  Make sure to verbally cite your news source.

Step 3. Create a short video (no more than 2 minutes) with you presenting your tribute.  A visual aid is NOT required.

Step 4. Post this video.  Please view the technical speech requirements below about posting videos.

Technical Speech Requirements:

  • NO spectators have to be present for this speech
  • There should be NO “starting and stopping” during this time.  You should not try to find the “best take” but allow your speech to be a “live” presentation.  Grades will not be given for a speech that possesses segmented material OR splicing.
  • When taping, please ensure that your video is close enough for the graders and reviewers to see you; however, far enough for any visual aids to be seen and your body gestures.  Video should at least show from the torso up.  Speakers should be standing.
  • After you complete your speech, post the video to YouTube.

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