l locate the various ways to avoid a guilty verdict for

criminal behavior. Until this point, you have been researching your

state’s criminal statutes. Now, you will turn to the defenses and

excuses for criminal behavior. Be creative in your research within the

statutes as these are not self-explanatory, but must be discovered by

reading in between the lines. The readings in your digital assets and

additional resources will help you in your research.

You will also look at the defenses and excuses not only from the defendant’s viewpoint, but from the viewpoint of the victim as well. This evaluative approach will stimulate some thoughts as there is no right or wrong answer. Place yourself in the shoes of the victim to complete this part of the assignment.

What You Need To Do?

In this assignment, go to South Carolina state statutes and locate at least six listed defenses and excuses based on your assigned readings. Provide a complete paragraph on each of the listed defenses and excuses explaining what is required in your state to justify a crime. Remember that a complete paragraph is a minimum of three complete sentences.

Keeping in mind the above scenario, analyze the following:

  • Provide evidence on how successful using any of these defenses or excuses would be and if using them will prevent the accused from going to jail or prison.

After completing the first part of the paper, in two complete paragraphs discuss how these excuses or defenses affect victims in a particular situation.

Compile your summary report, including all information researched, and prepare a submission paper in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • This paper is to be in APA format with a cover sheet and reference page at the end.
  • The length of the paper is to be a minimum of three pages and no more than five pages. This length does not include your cover or reference sheets.
  • Remember that APA font is Times New Roman, font size 12.

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