Write a 500-word (minimum) submission that responds to the questions posed below.

Read the Case 2-1: AirAsia X: Can the low Cost Model go Long Haul located in your textbook. Version: 2012 -02-17 ( LINK LOCATED BELOW)

Be sure to include your responses to the following questions:

How would you describe the AirAsia X model? What elements of its business model are the same or different from a traditional airline? What elements are the same or different from a traditional airline?
What is your assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the X model?
What are the greatest threats to X? Where are its best opportunities?
What strategic recommendations would you make to X’s executive team?


The submission should be made in APA format and include in-text citations where necessary as well as a listing of reference citations at the end in APA format. 12pt font double spaced 500 words min. With references from academic journals and AirAsia website.

THE LINK IS (if you type in Page 180 the next page comes up as PC 2-1 )



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