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Chapter Assignments (Your task is to write responses to each chapter essay question by its due date. For each question you choose to answer, your essay must be a minimum of four full paragraphs.

Your writing should be specific, concise and precise.

These questions are, by design, large in their scope. You should make some meaningful/important points regarding the question. In the Announcement section on the Homepage

you will see the criteria I use in assessing your writing and determining the points. Make sure to read this. Each chapter essay is worth up to 20 points so the 14 essays are worth a total of 280 points)

Chapter one:

Describe the most significant differences in cultural values between Native Americans and Europeans prior to Europe’s contact with the Americas. 180 words

Chapter two:

Describe English Puritan society in North America the 1600s, with a particular focus on the status of women and the structure of the family. 180words

Chapter three:

Describe the reasons for and development of slavery in North America. Be specific depending on the region where they lived and what work they did.

Chapter four:

Describe immigration to North American colonies in the 1700s as well and the immigrants lives. Be specific and detailed.

Chapter five:

The Proclamation line, the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act, and the Declaratory Act were all part of many legal actions taken by England in the 1760s. So why did these and other actions significantly contribute to the coming of the American Revolution?


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