Analysis of Foregin and Domestic Financial Statements Paper (Must be three pages)

February 23, 2021

discuss how you make a decision using the model you identified (

some explanation/

continue to discuss decision making in crisis and complexity. The effort should be spent researching decision making models to find one or two that fit your style. Once you have found these, create a discussion to explain what it is, how it works and how you use or could use it. Please feel free to use your preferred styles of learning to present your information.This could be a graphic, a video, a narration that help solidify the concept and presentation for you. Have fun with this! We have discussed several of these so try to find new approaches. Gear it to your decision making under stress.

this is about a discussion board , I need it quickly . I did some research about this question as a result, I prefer to use (share making design model )as an example. or if you will find other example would be better, it is okey


again, I need it quickly


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