This paper will be 4pgs maximum reflection regarding learning, critical thinking about crisis for the individual, family, community and national/ global implications dealing with the trauma and preconceived notions around crisis response. You must address all areas of the question to receive points.

Follow APA formatting and guidelines.


  1. Discuss your overall thoughts regarding crisis work and its impact on the individual, family, community and globally. 2pts
  2. Discuss some of the common themes you saw as significant between global/ natural disasters and crisis with the individual, family and community. 2pts
  3. Discuss your impressions for the need of crisis workers to spend time debriefing and how some of the key terms identified in your text, also how this applies to crisis workers. 2pts
  4. Share your overall thoughts regarding crisis work and its necessity or not when working with individuals, families, communities and globally. 2pts
  5. Grammar, punctuation, APA formatting 2pts
  • Cite only when the information you are sharing is not your original thought. Each question could be roughly 1pg or less. Again this is not an in-depth analysis but your initial impressions regarding crisis work and interventions.

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