Does Qur’an promote violence? Critically analyse arguments used by Islamophobits and extremists arguments

ESSAY QUESTION: Does Qur’an promote violence? Critically analyse arguments used by Islamophobits and extremists arguments For this essay please do not use internet sources. Also please do not use Shia sources. Lecturer required journal articles and academic books only. I`ve put a friend`s essay for your reference. You can see lecturers comments in that paper. Please make them into consideration. For Muslim scholars use Fethullah Gulen, Said Nursi, Ibn Kathir, Taberani etc. Please also put Islamophobits and extremists arguments. Marking Criteria: 1. Answering the Question Directly addresses the question or issue, and adds new insight to the subject not provided in lectures, readings, or class discussions. ·Able to synthesise this knowledge in new ways and relate to material not covered in the course. ·There is in depth analysis of concepts and sources. ·A clear and concise argument is present which is reinforced in a consistent and articulate manner. The arguments presence is felt throughout the essay in a way that is fitting for each paragraph. 2. Evidence and Critical Thinking Provides compelling and accurate evidence that convinces reader to accept the argument. · The importance/relevance of all pieces of evidence is clearly stated. · The argument is approached from different angles with evidence. ·The author considers the evidence, or alternate interpretations of evidence, that could be used to refute or weaken his/her argument, and thoughtfully responds to it. ·All the evidence is discussed collectively to draw conclusions. 3. Sources and Referencing Author uses at least 15 scholarly books, journal articles and reliable website links. ·Primary and secondary sources are used. ·All evidence is cited using proper APA and Chicago Style 16 referencing. Footnotes are used when necessary. ·Reference list is according to APA referencing. 4. Organisation, Clarity and Style There is a clear introduction, sequenced material and conclusion in the essay. · There is an observable smooth skilfull transition between paragraphs and ideas which produces a well flowing essay. · All sentences are grammatically correct and clearly written. No words are misused or unnecessarily fancy. Non-English words and concepts are always explained. Non-English words are written in italics. Paper has been spell-checked AND proofread (ideally by you and somebody else), and contains no errors. Presentation • APA or Chicago 16 style referencing can be used. • Assignments should be typed. • Use double line spacing. • Use Times New Roman font 12pt. • Include a separate title page with your name, student number, subject code and assignment question. • Number your pages. Thanks


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