Advocating for technology integration by sharing information about the benefits, possible funding, and specific tools and their functions, including modeling specific ways to implement technology with stakeholders is necessary for leaders in technology.

Gather information and ideas in preparation for a six-panel digital brochure for a principal about technology benefits, funding, tools, and implementation ideas.

Include the following in your brochure:

Section 1: Technology Integration Benefits

Describe technology integration.
Explain how technology integration benefits students and teachers.
Justify how technology integration shapes, advances, and accelerates a shared vision for empowered learning across the school. Provide specific examples.
Section 2: Technology Tools

Provide a short description of three technology tools including an explanation of each tool’s function and benefit within the classroom.
Share the resource link associated with each technology tool.
Advocate for equitable access to educational technology by explaining how each technology tool can be used to meet the needs of diverse students, including gifted, ELL, special education, multiple intelligences, and early finishers.
Describe a short learning activity modeling how one technology tool will be introduced to teachers and explored, as well as how to adopt the tool within the classroom. Keep various student populations in mind.
Suggest 2-3 grants or fundraising opportunities to help support technology integration in the school.
Support your presentation with 2-3 scholarly resources.

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