PICOT: In hospitalized non-ambulatory elderly patients, does the scheduled turning of patients compared to usage of air mattress reduce the risk of skin breakdown during the early admission stage.


Literature Review Paper Instructions

Choose a topic of interest for a needed change in practice (e.g., nosocomial infections, hospital readmissions, skin breakdown, falls, patient satisfaction, nurse-to-patient ratios), preferably a problem related to your area of practice.
Formulate a PICOT questions (Problem-Intervention-Comparison-Outcomes-Time).
Seek approval from your instructor for the problem identified, and the PICOT question.
Do not start working on the paper before getting approved for the problem and PICOT question
Choose five research studies on the topic, which may be quantitative or qualitative or a combination of both.
Follow the included rubric

Write a paper in APA format with the four parts, as described below:


Describe the practice problem that you believe needs to be changed.
Explain your rationale for choosing this problem.
Write a PICOT question on the problem.
Describe the literature search process including: inclusion and exclusion criteria, key words, and databases searched.


Write a summary of the literature review in narrative form (five articles chosen) and include the following:
Analyze the credibility of the articles by describing their strengths and limitations.
Summarize the findings by comparing and contrasting the conclusions.
Identify any gaps in the literature taken from these studies indicating the need for further research.


Propose a change in practice based on the evidence from the research studies.
Propose an interprofessional team—include nurses and other health care professionals who would be included in planning, implementing, and evaluating the proposed change.
Describe the plan, implementation, and evaluation of the proposed change.
Describe the costs of the planning, implementation, and evaluation.
Describe the cost savings, if appropriate.
Explain any barriers that may prevent the implementation of the recommended changes.
Describe how these barriers can be addressed/overcame.
Explain your suggestions for further research.


Provide a reference list in APA format including all references cited in the paper.

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