Summary Paper on Addiction

In this class you have already written (Response paper 1 and 2) a paper describing a definition of addiction and another paper explaining the BioPsychoSocial theories of addiction. Now write this paper as a summary of the information you have gathered. The ASAM website and the textbook are your sources of information so far, but you can use other sources and include them in your citations.

Write a 3 page paper (typed, double spaced) explaining alcohol/drug addiction or dependency. Use this rubric and make sure to include certain required information. Use at least 2 credible sources of information and include this in the bibliography.

Define Addiction/Dependency

Explain the differences between use, abuse and addiction/dependence

3 points

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

(Use DSM and ASAM definitions)

Describe the physical and psychological features of addiction.

4 points

Theory or Theories

Describe the Disease Model of addiction

2 points


Properly cite at least 2 credible sources of information.

1 point


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