Goal: Explain the importance of communication and leadership to organizational effectiveness.

You have completed an analysis on a company that is experiencing low morale, high turnover rates, and overall employee discontent. As an external change agent, you have seen this pattern before in previous organizations, where managers make decisions for their departments, but do not feel the employees need to know why the decision was made. More than that, employees feel that the managers treat them like children by not sharing information on future goals and objectives for the department. The managers at this organization feel the employees should do what they are told and not ask questions. You have called a meeting with all department managers and the vice president of the company to explain the important role of communication in the effectiveness of all organizations.

  1. Explain to the company leaders why you feel effective communication lead to an effective organization.

  2. Suggest three ways that the managers can improve communications that will lead to an increase in organizational effectiveness.

  3. Discuss different communications methods, and the circumstances in which they are most effective

  4. How do these communication styles and methods account for a diverse workforce?


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