The Limerock Health System includes an acute care facility, a nursing home, an ambulatory clinic, and behavioral health facility. The senior leadership plans to set up committees to prepare for a re-accreditation visit by The Joint Commission. Each committee should represent all of the clinical areas as well as the central administration of the facility. Beyond these basic guidelines, the composition of the committee and the committee process for preparing the self-study and the organization for the site visit are completely up to the committee. You are named the committee chair for one of the committees.


   Student Whose Last Name Begins With 


A through F

Acute Care Facility


G through L

Nursing Home


M through R

Ambulatory Clinic


S through Z

Behavioral Health


Review the discussion of work teams provided in Chapter 8 of the textbook. Then, address the following:

  • How would you structure the committee in terms of      numbers, composition, skills and areas of expertise, personal      characteristics, and committee resource requirements?
  • Once these committee criteria have been met, what      processes would you institute to ensure that the committee is successful      in preparing the self-study and the organization for the site visit?
  • Utilizing  a minimum of three scholarly resources      from the Ashford University Library,:
    • Identify and describe two measurements for the       selected committee related to patient care or safety.
    • Explain why the measurement is important for patient       care and/or safety.
    • Identify a national benchmark for each measurement.
    • Identify the data elements for the measurement.
    • Identify the source of the data elements for the       measurement.

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