PM? Ch??k Point l;
Objmornjtlci??vc Ogyour FONTOIIO. lksenbc the uwesunem hl)?l? lhm is cummcm wnli lw.
awn? which (0:3 {a henchmtnki nonluhu (Lug. S&l? SUO,?Vil~.hin: Sllfll’). Value-Luv: lmlcxl
lo .2 St [ha 8 your PO? 0.1m 5 return performance. l-nr your inlunl holding; purclmesc 8
i m ?YOU feel are consistent Wllh your objective. l)c:?clll>c risk in the portfolio nml e
hnovwfi?lf?l’s fggrdhom lhisripfortfolio IS appropriate Provide a I?m of inilial holdings Commcm on
vets your po o io is.
Project Cheek Point 2:
Calculate the beta ofyour portfolio. Compare lhc risk of your portfolio lo mm of lhc markcl.
What has been the relative percentage change in your portfolio value compared lo the perccnlagc
charge of the market. using the benchmark portfolio. for the lasl week?
Project Check Point 3:
Identify the current risk-free rate and the appropriate market mum for your Portfolio obiective.
Using the CAPM calculate the expected returns for the individual seem-mes in your-portfolio.
Explain the benefit of the diversification obtained by owning all of these securities ?I your
Project] Check Point 4:
y the yield-immaturity, current yield, and durafion of YO?! bows)-
44! ‘s u


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