(1).The front desk is generally the first contact your guest will have with your hotel. A good arrival experience can turn an average stay into an exceptional stay. As a front desk manager, you have the responsibility of making the arrival experience memorable and personal. For this assignment, consider the following scenario:

You are the front desk manager of a mid-size hotel. Upon reviewing the arriving groups over the next three days, you discover you have three distinct groups arriving at your hotel:

A soccer team comprised of 6 year-old players
15 executives from Apple who are attending a meeting
A wedding party (12 rooms)

As the front desk manager, compose a memo to your General Manager with an action plan to create an impeccable arrival experience for each of these three groups. Give details of what you will have your team do to make the arrival experience memorable and personal. Be creative and think outside of the box.

(2). Write a 250 minimum word essay regarding the importance of communication between front desk and housekeeping. Give at least three examples of when communication is critical.


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