• 1.Identify a smart technology that is currently being used at your organization. How it is being used effectively? Where is it ineffective? What should be the role of the nursing leadership involving how and when it is used?
  • 2.What are the most pressing regulatory, legal, and ethical issues that surround its use–currently or in the near future?
  • 3.Where do you see the future of nursing informatics and health care technology? What will be the advantages and disadvantages of this shift? Why?
  • 4.A Federal Mandate ( Suggesting that the Federal Government needs to play a key role in advancing the development and implementation of a health care information network is not to say that it should take complete ownership of the project). What is your intake on this matter?
  • 5. E-Health care 2.0: Systems Modeling and Decision Support what are your intake on this subject?

What Really Happens When You Mix Medication

Watch the TEDMED Talk, “Russ Altman — What Really Happens When You Mix Medications?”

Consider the following questions as you watch:

  • 6. How will data mining affect the future?
  • 7. What data sources do you have available to you right now that you could leverage to improve quality care?


8. Why Informatics? Follow this link : https://www.amia.org/why-informatics

I have total of 8 questions. Each question needs worth of 260 words, APA style with its references underneath it please. These questions are due in 7 days. Due date: 3/20/19


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