One of the topics explored in this course is how to create a more positive culture in the organization through building employee enthusiasm. Another topic explored are the how grievances about wages, salary, benefits and job security are often major issues in labor contract negotiations. A way to create a more positive organizational culture, increase productivity and avoid the possibility of work stoppages is through more effective labor and employee relations (also discussed throughout the course). In this final 8 -10 page (not including the cover page or references) project you will select a real life scenario involving an employee/labor dispute (such as the Chicago Teachers’ Strike of 2012 or one of the cases mentioned in the Carrell and Heavrin textbook). This paper should follow APA style and formatting guidelines. Spelling and Grammar count so make sure you proofread your paper.

Template and Instructions:

Use the bold headings below as a template for your paper.

Your paper should address the following:

  • Introduction to the Problem:
  • Give an introduction to the problem (the problem is the employee labor dispute you have selected for your paper)
    • Provide a description of the problem.
  • Background/History
  • Describe the events led to the problem
  • Provide a historical overview of the problem.
  • Explain how the Problem is Related to Labor and Employee Relations:
  • Explain how this problem is related to the larger topic of Labor Relations.
  • Make sure you explain how this relates to the concepts of labor relations as described in the Carrell and Heavrin book
  • Explain how this problem is related to the topic of Employee Relations.
  • Make sure you explain how this relates to the concepts employee relations as described in the Sirota and Klein book.
  • Things that could have been done differently:
    • Address what mistakes were made and how the Employers and Labor sides could have done things differently to avoid this conflict.
  • What mistakes or actions led to the strike/issue?
  • What mistakes were made that led to the employee dissatisfaction and issue/strike?
  • What mistakes were made in the negotiation process before the issue/strike?
  • How could things have been handled differently to improve employee morale and the negotiation process?
  • Implementations to create a more positive environment:
  • suggest implementations and policies that could create a more positive environment and create motivated, loyal and enthusiastic employees.
  • Using information from the Sirota and Klein book and your

outside research, what should the company do to improve employee morale in order to avoid the issue?

o    How will you get company buy-in and implementation?

  • How would these policies fit within the organization’s company mission, goals, and budget?
  • How these issues impact the HR function of an organization: (you may also provide specific example that relate to your current or future position in HR if you like) Discuss how the overall problem and subsequent events would impact the HR department. If you know what role you plan to hold in a HR department, feel free to include examples that relate to your role.

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