Stroz Friedberg is a boutique global consulting firm that specializes in managing digital risk and uncovering digital evidence.  The case focuses on how this firm has grown and as a consequence is encounter challenges.  Nonetheless, it has been rather successful.

Growing Pains doc attached BELOW – READ

Part 1-
Answer the below questions in summary format:

1. What is the basis of Stroz Friedberg’s intended competitive advantage (either cost leadership or differentiation)? Given that, use the concepts related to the Internal view of competitive advantage (i.e., the Resource Based View) to analyze this firm.

Resource Based View is attached BELOW – READ

2. For your first post, identify ONE important resource and ONE important capability you think this firm has that that enables it to execute its chosen generic strategy and therefore generate unique value.

3. The case highlights how the firm has been encountering some issues as they’ve grown.  Can you restate the issues as written in the case in terms of problems with needed capabilities or resources (meaning something they should be good at but aren’t or is missing)? 

Part 2-
In subsequent posts, see if collectively you think your group has identified all of the
important resources and capabilities (shoot for no more than 4 to 5 capabilities and 4 to 5 resources).


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