Brief question answer about philosophy

  1. Hardwig seems to believe that both the right and the duty to die are a matter of compassion. Explain this. Do you think he has a point?

  2. Are any of the reasons on Hardwig’s list of conditions under which one might prefer not to live also on your list?

  3. Explain the reasons why Hardwig says he cannot understand religious beliefs about ending life?

  4. What “individualistic fantasy” does Hardwig discuss, and what is its significance with respect to the duty to die?

  5. How many factors does Hardwig consider might have an impact on the “duty to die?” How many of them are factors that make the duty more compelling? Of those, which do you think is the most/least convincing? Explain.

  6. What are Hardwig’s (3) reasons for asserting that unassisted suicide should not be the only means by which one could perform this duty?

  7. What are Hardwig’s (2) reasons for asserting that family assisted suicide is also not a sufficient option?

  8. What are Hardwig’s (4) arguments supporting that physician assisted suicide is a necessary option?

  9. According to Hardwig, what (4) factors contribute to making the duty to die such a troubling problem? Do you think he makes a good points?


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