Project Proposal Guide

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For the project proposal assignment, we would like you to produce a 2+ pages Project Proposal. This proposal should include these sections:

Problem Statement and Background

A high-level statement of the problem you intend to address, e.g. finding correspondences between problem and data analysis methods. Try to translate the high-level into specific questions if you can – but this may be difficult before you do exploratory data analysis.

Give background on the problem you are solving: why it is interesting, who is interested, what is known, some references about it, etc.

The Data Source(s) You Intend to Use

Describe the data source(s) you will use. If you’re not doing one of the recommended projects, make sure you have access to the data you want to use in the quantity and quality you need. Ideally you should get all the data in your hands before starting your project.

Describe how you plan to obtain the data, or how you got it if you already have it.

Give a summary of the cleaning/joining of data that you expect to do up front.

Goals of Your Project

List some goals of your analysis, ideally in the form of testable hypothesis, or via well-defined success metrics. .

Description of (Applied) Security Tools You Plan to Use

Describe the tools you plan to use throughout the project. As you might expect, there will be several stages in the project. Those will include exploratory data analysis from this tool generation data. This part can also be tentative, and we will give you feedback on your analysis plan as part of grading the assignment.

Describe the Products Your Project Will Produce

Data products include results of your analysis with the help of tools. Give a list of these relevant to your project.


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