You will take on the role of an Assistant Planner working in the Planning Department of Hong Kong and write a paper in a memorandum format, which you will address it to your supervisor, i.e. the Principal Planner in the Planning Department, in regard to the topic of Smart city in Hong Kong.

For the content, please must address the following three questions in the second paper:
(1) Why is the absence of well-established Smart City infrastructure an important and pertinent concern of planners in the Planning Department of Hong Kong?
(2) What urban planning problems could be solved with the use of big data analytics?
(3) What exactly planners of Hong Kong could do to make use of big data to achieve planning objectives?

Required Structure:
– Introduction that outlines the context and structure of the essay
Main body:
(1) Address the first question as stated above
(2) Address the second question as stated above
(3) Address the third question as stated above
– Conclusion

–    Word count: 1925 words
–    The paper should be in formal style
–    It is important to cite scholarly materials such as books, book chapters as well as academic journal articles which are focused on application of smart technology in urban planning, and identify and discuss the Smart City problem from the planning perspective to substantiate the arguments.
–    At least 40 references needed

Assessment parameters:
–    Clear identification of main problem
–    Analysis of key issues
–    Conclusion linked to the problem
–    Overall structure and organization
–    Use of English
–    Relevant reference materials


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