Research: How does schooling affects primary age students with special educational needs (SEN) and English as a second language

This is a research proposal for my dissertation.
I will be looking at three schools in East London borough of Waltham Forest; Whitefield Primary school, William Morris Primary school and Brookfield Primary school.
As this is just a proposal you will be discussing what you intend to do in the future (so you will be writing in future tense basically)
Include the following Methods which will be used, Location, Participants/ Audience, Literature, Ethics BERA guidelines 2014, Rationale (proposal for my dissertation and the need to have a better understanding of students with SEN) Data Analysis, Abstract [DO NOT INCLUDE FINDINGS this is for when the research actually happened), Aim/ Objectives.
1.Show that you have read others research critique others work
2.Show planning of appropriate techniques
3.Use complete sentences
4.Correct citation/references throughout
5.Use appropriate literature and theory about research.

Layout: Example (it dont have to be exactly like this)
Introduction: Outline the order
literature review
Significance of your research (Proposal for my future research/my dissertation)
Conclusion: What you hope to achieve
I will upload more information
Font: calibri


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