How is Prejudice Formed in the society and How it can be Prevented?

Research Proposal Essay (2000 words) • Font should be New Roman, Size 11, spacing line 1.5, • reference should be included with page number. • 2000 words and check the spellings as well. • Please could you put the page number of any reference you are using. And minimum of 8 references, Harvard reference. . Uk English. TOPIC: How is Prejudice Formed in the society and How it can be Prevented? Instruction: Introduction (1 items under) * It should clearly state the aim of your proposed research project. * It should provide the background which outlines what your proposed research is about and what it is you are seeking to examine/achieve. * It should be a brief introduction outlining the general area of study and identifying the subject area within which your study falls. * It should justify the importance of the topic. * In this section, you might also include your research question(s). Literature review: * You should refer to the current state of knowledge in relation to your chosen subject areas (i.e. what research has been done previously). * This section provides the researcher (and the reader) with an understanding of literature about your proposed research. * This section provides a rationale that justifies why you have chosen a particular research topic (e.g., why is it necessary or important to research the proposed subject?) * This section summarises, critically analyses and evaluates relevant research available on your chosen research subject, presenting this in an organised and logical way. * In this section, you may also want to identify a gap in previous research to help you formulate your own research question. Methodology: * This section should explain how you plan to tackle your research question. * In this section, it is important to explain the methodology (e.g., qualitative) and methods (e.g., in-depth interviews) that you propose to use to achieve the project aims and to show that your project is feasible in the time period available. * Participants: Who are you thinking to recruit to take part in your study? What’s your criteria of choosing them? How are you going to approach them? How many are you thinking to recruit? * In this section, you will detail how information or data will be collected and includ

a description and rationale for your chosen methods (e.g., interviews). The strengths and weaknesses of your chosen methods can also be discussed. * In this section, you will detail how information or data will be interpreted or analysed (e.g., thematic analysis) and include a description and rationale for your chosen methods. * In this section, you may also address any ethical problems that might occur during your data collection and how you will deal with them. You should also address how you will ensure confidentiality and anonymity (‘describe how the subjects’ confidentiality will be protected’). References: A list of sources you have used for your research proposal. The list of references should be in alphabetical order.


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