When you open this attachment you will see an attachment that say A2 paper for Correction the is the one I want you to make a correction. I want you to incorporate inside that paper (1 to 5) therefore I send you an example paper you will see the attachment say A1 paper example follow this example when you incorporate the question from 1 to 5 inside the paper I write it.

A2: Case Study Select a specific case.: Case Study on a Single Incident or Event: Study and include:

1) What is the paper about?

2) Why is this case important to review?

3) Relevant facts of the case.

4) Literature review of relevant concepts, theories, legal issues, and best practice policy rules relevant to the facts of the case.

5) A comparison of the facts to the findings of the literature.

Case Study Papers should be three (3) pages long in addition to a Title Page and Reference page. They must also include at least five (5) or more References/sources.

Incorporate those parts above from 1 to 5 inside that paper (put inside citation)

Please read carefully the attachment and follow all those instructions I put there. Find some academic references that base on those

APA style remember


Peak, Kenneth J. (2016) Justice Administration (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education – Prentice Hall

Levels of the system. One such contemporary social justice administration concept is the inception of Problem-Solving Courts


Textbook Web link: https://www.pearson.com/us/higher-education/progra…


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