Linking The Balanced Scorecard to Strategy by Norton and Kaplan
The Changing Role of Top Management: Beyond Structure to Processes by SumantraGhoshal and Christopher A. Bartlett

Organizations trying to achieve performance excellence and differentiate themselves from their competitors are quickly learning that managing the “white space” between functions is critical to here long term success. Business processes play a crucial role in achieving this objective. Business processes begin to focus organizations on tying their efforts horizontally (initiatives that cut across the organization), as well as, vertically (functionally – Marketing, Sales, Operations) thereby tying the organization efforts together by processes as well as goals, objectives and functional actions. This concept of integration, “fit” as Michael Porter refers to it, improves the efficiency and productivity of the organization, while eliminating waste (costs).

For your assignment:
1. Identify the key points of Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Strategy and identify one linking objective and tie that objective to each of the key elements of the Balanced Scorecard. Use the process model used in the Article Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Strategy
2. Summarize in a single paragraph (not to exceed 100 words) the “Essence” of The Changing Role of Management and explain its importance.
3. What role does process play in performance excellence? Site examples and defend your position.


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