500 words for each question. add references.

1) What are the roles, limitations, and expectations of intelligence in support of the homeland security enterprise? Think not only of the national level but state and local levels. Consider this from a legal and operational perspective. How has the role of the U.S. intelligence community evolved since the end of the Cold War after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989? Focus on the ODNI era



  1. Domestic Intelligence Today: More Security but Less Liberty? (2011)
  2. The Evolution of the U.S. Intelligence Community-An Historical Overview (1996)
  3. Intelligence in the Post-Cold War Period (2013)
  4. Defense Primer: National and Defense Intelligence (2016)
  5. EO 12333 (2008)
  6. The National Intelligence Strategy of the U.S.A. (2014)
  7. The Use and Limits of U.S. Intelligence (2002)
  8. Homeland Intelligence: The Unique Community Within the Community (2016)
  9. Homeland Security Intelligence: Perceptions, Statutory Definitions, and Approaches (2009)
  10. An Intelligence Community Primer (2005)

2)What are some of the similarities and differences that exist among different transnational organized crime groups? Why are these significant?


Defining Transnational Crime

Intelligence and Law Enforcement: Countering Transnational Threats to the U.S.

Topology of Dark Networks

The Globalization of Crime – Introduction and Chapter One

Italian Mafia

North American Organized Crime

3) Describe the key institutions of the Bretton Woods system. How did they evolve over time? Are these institutions still necessary or relevant in today’s globalized economy?

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A Profile of Gender Disparities in the G20: What is Needed to Close Gaps in the Labour Market Download full research paper 25 PAGES



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