A New York fashion business produces new lines of clothing and a monthly magazine. It also has monthly runway shows live in five major cities, produces content for a large website, and disseminates videos via YouTube and other means. The business desires to amplify its clothing line and become a leader in the burgeoning new field of wearable technology. They have hired you as a consultant to help them evaluate the social impact and feasibility of this initiative.

One of your client’s competitors has introduced a line of “smart” sports attire that wirelessly connects to a smartphone. The competitor’s product measures heart rate during exercise and sends the collected data to a smart device. During an initial meeting with your client, you learn that the fashion company has sufficient financial resources to fund a new line of wearable technology. Your client is hoping that you can explore possibilities for products that would give them an edge in this rapidly evolving market. They are looking to you for ideas.

Your client is a publically traded company, and they are very concerned about any social impacts related to emerging wearable technologies. They have asked you to return in a few days and make a presentation to their Board of Directors on the topic.

The goal now is to prepare that presentation:

Create a PowerPoint presentation that will:
Introduce the topic of wearable technologies, with at least three examples that fit well within the product offerings (e.g., clothing, magazines, runway shows, multi-media presentations, etc.) of your client.Consider headsets, wearable cameras, wearable sensors, fitness devices, and any other wearable technology that you either research or conceive of.
Be thorough in your web research to ensure you sample a broad spectrum of available wearable solutions.
Present the advantages of the technologies you are recommending for your client.
Present the societal impacts and concerns that may also result from your solutions.
Include a summary slide that serves to wrap-up the presentation of social factors your client should consider when deciding on the merits of wearable technology.
The last slide of your PowerPoint presentation should be a brief summary of your reference list. The complete list should be on the notes page associated with this slide and be in APA format. These resources should include a minimum of five credible sources for research, with two being academic sources, such as a book or a scholarly academic journal.
You plan to provide a printed copy of the PowerPoint presentation to attendees of the meeting. Therefore, you will include very comprehensive notes under each slide that provide complete explanations. You want the attendees (and those who do not attend) to be able to read through the slide deck and the accompanying notes to gain a full understanding of the societal impacts of wearable technologies and how they relate directly to the client’s business.


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