Since 2013 there has been on-and-off talk of Sprint purchasing T-Mobile. (They are the third- and fourth-largest
mobile phone carriers in the United States.) This move is led by Masayoshi Son, the chair of Japanese
conglomerate SoftBank, which owns Sprint. Mr. Son is a bold entrepreneur who is known for his penchant for
risk taking and desire to be a global leader in the telecommunications industry. If the merger ever goes through
it would result in a merger of the third and fourth largest mobile phone carriers in the United States.
Most recently, it appears that the merger will not go through. But the fact that talk of this merger has been
rumored for quite a long time suggests it must have been a very difficult decision for Masayoshi Son. Such a
large-scale merger brings great benefits in allowing a combined Sprint/T-Mobile to compete with industry
leaders AT&T and Verizon. But mergers are always very risky and require a huge amount of debt to finance,

review the background materials on the Vroom-Yetton decision-making style
model. This involves answering seven questions relating to a decision and using the results from the model to
determine your decision-making style. Make sure you understand the model, including the seven questions
and the path diagram that you follow in order to find the preferred leadership style. The Vroom-Yetton model
allows you to choose between different levels of autocratic, consulting, or group decision-making styles.
After you have reviewed the required background materials including Vroom (1976) and Rigolosi (2005), do
some research on Sprint’s decision whether or not to purchase T-Mobile and think about what kind of answers
you would give to the seven questions involved in the Vroom-Yetton model. Here are some articles on the
rumored Sprint/T-Mobile merger to get you started:

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