Assignment 2

Please watch “The End of Poverty?” (2010), 1 hr 44 min – streamed online, log in with your Temple





Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the main argument of the movie? Be specific, capture key points of the entire movie, 1


  1. Choose one more complex environment-focused issue that got your attention the most.

Explain how this issue reflects the 2nd contradiction of capitalism and/or spatial fix that we

discussed in Political Economy lecture. 1 page

  1. What role do you as a citizen and consumer play in the global context that the movie is

exploring? Reflect, be thoughtful and specific, 1 page.

Format: minimum 3 pages, 12 pt, double spaced, regular margins.,contains,&query=end%20of%20poverty&sortby=rank&facet=rtype,include,media,contains,&query=end%20of%20poverty&sortby=rank&facet=rtype,include,media,contains,&query=end%20of%20poverty&sortby=rank&facet=rtype,include,media,contains,&query=end%20of%20poverty&sortby=rank&facet=rtype,include,media


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