Define utility and discuss the four types of utility. Give examples and list the functional areas within an organization that are responsible for each.

Define marketing myopia, and describe how a company can overcome a myopic view. Give an example of a successful avoidance of marketing myopia.

What is a marketing strategy? Explain the process of implementing the marketing strategy into action.

Define SWOT analysis and explain its importance.

Define environmental scanning. How does it contribute to environmental management?

Define the terms inflation and deflation. Discuss their effects on the economy with the help of real-life examples.

How do blogs and microblog postings help companies to market their products?

How does social media marketing differ from traditional marketing?

What is meant by e-business? Name the five broad categories of e-business.

Distinguish between a corporate website and a marketing website.

Differentiate between a need and a motive.

Discuss the four components of self-concept and explain how marketers can utilize this information.

Why is global marketing important for a nation and its marketers?

What is importing? What are the factors that marketers need to consider while making import decisions?
What is exporting? List out the various alternatives available for the first-time exporters to enter foreign markets.

Describe the different sources of internal data within firms.

List out the strengths and limitations of secondary data in comparison with primary data.

its 17 questions on paragraph for each question and every citation should be under it appropriate paragraph.

from the book contemporary Marketing Boone&Kurte 2015 update edition

can use citation from diferent sources


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