This needs a recommendation for item/items to help mitigate from a loss of coolant causilty in a nuclear reactor. One recommendation is below:

Something similar or additional items are allowed. 5 References would be needed as well.

Research and develop a design concept that could mitigate the consequences or prevent the event from occurring in the future- This is where you apply knowledge from nuclear engineering technology courses- Thermodynamics, radiation protection, materials (nuclear materials), reactor core fundamentals, electrical, etc.
Provide a recommendation for a new or improved design concept, operations, maintenance, quality assurance, and quality control.
Your analysis must include mathematical concepts/equations.
Reference applicable rules and regulations and revisions to the rules and regulations as a result of the event.
Research and develop recommendations related to any identified ethical/organizational issues.
Provide a cost estimate for the implementation of the recommendation
The design recommendation should be presented in a paper that includes the information above. The paper should be 10 – 15 pages in length excluding title page and attachments. Ensure you clearly document any assumptions made in the analysis and cost estimate.

Sample Solution

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